Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) is a global partnership between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Founded in November 1998, SMA is the world's largest interactive distance education initiative.

Our Vision:

To place SMA programmes at the forefront of graduate education in Asia and the world.

Our Mission:


To educate engineering leaders who combine academic excellence in the engineering sciences with the entrepreneurial spirit and global outlook.


Programmes & Degrees Offered


The host institution confers the degree upon the successful completion of the SMA Programmes.


NUS confers the Master of Science (S.M.) degree by coursework and project for the programmes in:
  • Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS)

  • Computer Science (CS)

NTU confers the Master of Science (S.M.) degree by coursework and project for the programme in:

  • Innovation in Manufacturing Systems and Technology (IMST)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree by research and coursework, is conferred either by NUS or NTU, depending on the university which the student's main supervisor is attached to.

In addition to the degree awarded by NUS or NTU, all graduates receive an SMA Certificate for the completion of courses conducted jointly with MIT.

Application materials are available on the SMA website at: 


The application deadline is 15 January in the year of intake.


The Professional Master's degree requires one academic year of study and the Doctoral degree between three to four years.

All students spend two and a half weeks at MIT to attend the Summer Conference Programme.

The S.M. degree (Professional Master's)

The S.M. students read the number of prescribed subjects and participate in an industry or research project for a period of six to ten months depending on the programme. The students are required to submit a project dissertation at the end of the academic year.

The Ph.D. degree (Doctor of Philosophy)

A student is confirmed for the Ph.D. candidature upon passing the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination. The Ph.D. students read the number of prescribed subjects and simultaneously conduct their research. The Ph.D. degree requires satisfactory completion of the programme and original research of high quality in the form of an acceptable thesis. This is prepared in residence at its host institution, with a semester spent at MIT. 

Academic Calendar

Summer Session     :     Late June - Late August

Fall Session         :     September - December

Spring Session     :     February - May

Admission Requirements 

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Science or Computer Science

  • 1st or 2nd Upper Class Degree with Honours or its equivalent

  • Good GRE or GATE (India) score

  • TOEFL score of at least 233

  • Final-year Engineering, Science and Computer Science are encouraged to apply

The MIT Campus 

A hub of intellectual activity and diversity, MIT, located on 153.8 acres that extend more than a mile along the Cambridge side of Charles River Basin, is one of the world's most outstanding universities. MIT is an academic community devoted to undergraduate education and research.

The Singapore Campuses 

A vibrant social and cultural scene on both the NUS and NTU campuses complements the atmosphere of serious study in the lecture halls.  Students can develop their appreciation for the arts or pursue their own special interests in many ways. 

NUS with a 150-ha campus on the west coast of Singapore, is fast becoming a top-league university that will contribute to Singapore's development as the 'Boston of the East'. At NUS the staff and students are also able to access Singapore ONE, the national broadband width network of interactive, multimedia applications and services. More information on NUS can be found at:


NTU with a 200-ha campus in Jurong is an intelligent campus that is paving the way to an era when everyone is just a button away from each other and the rest of the world. More information on NTU can be found at:


  •  Scholarship stipend of S$1,500 per month for every successful applicant

  • 2? weeks Summer Conference for all and semester stay for Ph.D. students at MIT

  • Additional top-up grant of $500 for confirmed Ph.D. students

  • Fully subsidised tuition fee throughout candidature

  • Bond free scholarship

  • Industry top-up during Internship

  • An open learning environment in the Student Atheneum where SMA students work and learn together.

  • Individual cubicles with a computer each

  • Access to world-class facilities

  • Teaching Assistant/Laboratory Demonstrator appointments

  • Job placement in Singapore

  • Invitation for Permanent Residence

Interactive Distance Education Environment

SMA utilises state-of-the-art synchronous and asynchronous facilities to achieve seamless classroom interaction across twelve time zones, between Singapore and MIT.

  • Lectures are delivered using state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment via high-speed broadband network (Internet2) with ISDN as backup 

  • Every live lecture is taped, digitised and archived on web together with course materials such as lecture notes, assignments and solutions, allowing easy access at student's own pace. 

Joint-Teaching and Co-Supervision 

Professors from MIT, NUS, NTU and the national research institutes conduct courses and co-supervise the students in their research. Besides classes conducted in the usual face-to-face setting, SMA students attended lectures conducted through Internet2, enabled by state-of-the-art interactive distance learning technology, delivered by lecturers at MIT in real time. In addition, MIT Fellows spend up to a semester in Singapore each year. 

Industry Collaboration and Research Interaction

To foster the spirit of innovation in our students and equip them with practical skills and knowledge, SMA conducts extensive collaborative projects that expose students to real-world problems with both the industry and research institutes. The research projects are jointly conceived and co-supervised by both the MIT and Singapore Fellows. The focus of research is collaborative and multi-disciplinary whilst offering the opportunity to work with many of the pioneers in education and research at MIT.

In line with Singapore's effort to boost our nation's long-term competitiveness in the global arena, SMA aims to initiate technologically advanced research that will create new frontiers in the future of science and technology.

Singapore-MIT Alliance

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